FreeCAD TO-DO Suggestions

These come from a thread in the FreeCAD forums that I started to discuss the idea that started this project (here).  Thanks NormandC!

  • Sketcher: add copy, mirror and rotate capabilities. They would need to create sets of geometric entities with some constraints already added. For example, if you rotate a rectangle, it would be expected that the vertical and horizontal constraints would be replaced with perpendicular constraints so the rectangle remains “square”.
  • Sketcher: BSplines (issue #940). A couple of devs have already mentioned their intent on working on this.
  • Sketcher: speaking for myself I would like to see those things get implemented: issue #1518, issue #1890,issue #704
  • Sketcher: issue #1629 (just a way to toggle visibility of constraints would be useful)
  • “topological naming”:, and
  • Drawing workbench: being able to dimension drawing views has been a very hot topic for a long time now. The external python plugin from hamish has some popularity because it tries to cater to this need, but it does not create parametric dimensions. I also do not feel it integrates well in FreeCAD. There was some advance work done by mrlukeparry on a Drawing workbench rewrite but he stopped working on it last year. wandererfan has been trying to pick up the work, but having someone working on this full time even for a short period may be beneficial and I believe this work needs to be salvaged, then expanded.

Cost: A couple sips of coffee – just copy-and-paste!

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