Summary: Day 3

We had a bit of rain this morning in Dunedin, and I spent another couple hours tinkering around with FreeCAD-related stuff.

I’ll not be counting this weekend working time towards the total time invested, as I intend to contrast the income (or lack thereof) from this experiment with hypothetical income from a regular minimum wage job where I wouldn’t be earning anything on my days off.

First, I setup a Fedora 21 virtual machine to have a good baseline platform to compare against. This will be useful for a number of things, and it turned out that I found a couple “documentation bugs” in going through that exercise. Some install notes on the wiki were out of date, so I fixed those. While that Fedora download and install was ongoing, I’ve organised some thoughts on this experiment+blog, which will probably turn into some more posts tomorrow.

OSX building cleanup continued, in the form of making a new “Portfile” to install the latest-and-greatest OCE version 0.17 (short for Open CASCADE Community Edition) and submitting it to the folks that organise MacPorts. I also solicited for some testing of the work discussed earlier, although it’s not 100% done yet, I think it should wrap up fairly quickly assuming no major bug reports.

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