About “Costs”

As mentioned in the about page, I’m between “real jobs” at the moment, and am curious whether I can make a living wage from developing open source software.

My intent is to spend two weeks working full time on FreeCAD, and see if I can get compensated similarly to what I’d make at a full time minimum-wage job here in New Zealand (roughly $15NZD/hour). If the answer is “yes” towards the end of the two weeks, then I’ll keep at it until it ceases to be fun, or the next real job starts. If the answer is “no”, then I’ll be spending a lot less time on FreeCAD and more time washing dishes.

With this blog, I intend to track the things I’ve spent time on during those two weeks. Day-to-day, I’m tracking this somewhat informally by noting how many “cups of tea” (or equivalent) that each task took to accomplish. This is interesting to me for a couple reasons, and I think it might also be informative for readers to see how much work is involved in these tasks. There’s an incredible amount of effort that goes into making a program like FreeCAD, much of which involves relatively skilled labour that’s commercially worth several times minimum wage.

But, considering that the goal is to compare the income this project yields with a hypothetical full-time job, I only track the hours and dollars figure by full “work days” and real dollars spent on the project. The totals on the right side of the blog are updated manually, I’ll try to update them every day while the experiment is ongoing, but no promises.

Other Notes:

  • PayPal has a transaction fee associated with donations of roughly 6%, to keep things simple I’ll count the net amount, converted to New Zealand Dollars in the Balance Sheet

Cost: 1/4 cup coffee + a few sips for edits

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