Summary: Day 4

Today was one of those days where I feel like I never really woke up, despite a couple batches of coffee… The morning was distracted a bit by some “real job” searching, and I never quite got back on track with FreeCAD. That said, I did get a few things done:

  • Possibly related to this, but mainly to other pursuits, I read a bit about this.
  • Banged out a couple posts on here, and added the “Balance Sheet” to the right. Cost: 1.5 cups of coffee.
  • Got the CMake script for building with MacPorts to a point that I’m happy with it, and have requested that it be tested by some other people before it gets merged in with the main repository (perhaps I’ll do a blog post on that process sometime). Cost: 1/2 cup coffee
  • Related to the above, have made a few small improvements to some new code that creates an application bundle for OSX builds. In doing this, I blew probably an hour and a half on a really stupid “user malfunction” caused by my not understanding some CMake features. Long story, but after taking a break and coming back to this problem, I realised that the thing I had been trying to solve a problem with was actually unnecessary. There were two equally good ways to make something work; and after trying A for ages I saw that B could work and it was a goer in a minute or two. Cost: more than I care to admit.
  • Spent a bit of time trying to help a user in the forums with getting FreeCAD built on a rather old system. Cost: probably 3/4 cup of coffee
  • Read through some threads on the forums relating to a couple of more significant projects that I’m considering getting into next. One thread is a particularly interesting study in that the OP (original poster) makes several observations that I have made before and agree with, but does it in such an offensive way that it seems to turn everyone else off from paying attention. Cost: 2 cups

Finally, the big news of the day! Two donations came in, thanks guys!

One thought on “Summary: Day 4

  1. Roland Frank

    Interesting Project Ian.
    Seems like you are taking up some Speed.
    Keep on !

    Roland (r-frank on FreeCAD, BPLRFE on YouTube)



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