Summary: Day 5

Today started out with a really great positive surprise! Several folks sent in money overnight, what a nice feeling! It surprised me how motivating it is to get voluntary payments for programming work, thanks so much everyone!

FreeCAD work wise, I’ve been staying busy with a few fronts. There was a bit of followup with some forum threads and discussion on here, some looking at fonts and logos for merchandise, writing up some to-do items, and since then I’ve been working on digging out the Drawing branch. So far, the last has involved a lot of fiddling around with git, it’s a bit tedious but things are coming along OK.

More tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Summary: Day 5

  1. ianrrees Post author

    Thanks for pointing that out! I had read through the forum, and somehow ended up working on WandererFan’s MLPDrawMerge branch instead of the MLPMods branch. Have MLPMods building on my machine now, will pull it up to master and have a look around. -Ian-



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