From we can discover the root cause of the floating 3D view in Drawing from a couple posts ago:

On Mac OS X, when Qt is built with Cocoa support, a QGLWidget can’t have any sibling widgets placed ontop of itself. This is due to limitations in the Cocoa API and is not supported by Apple.

Cocoa support is essentially required on modern MacOS, so there will need to be some sort of workaround or FreeCAD will need to move to Qt5 to fix that issue…

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  1. ickby

    Hello, me again 🙂

    Just want to note that my current work on the interface includes a mdi-view replacement which will solve this issue as every view (3d, spreadsheet, drawing) will be drawn into a single opengl canvas. This replacement will however be optional, so would be nice if there is a workaround for the classic MDI view too.



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