GUI Scratchpad

I keep noticing little things that (in my opinion, of course) could be improved in FreeCAD. With this post, I’ll try to keep a running list of them in a scratchpad-style format.

Please don’t take anything here too seriously – I’m sure there are good reasons that things are the way they are, in many cases, and I haven’t investigated these things thoroughly. That said, if you see something here that you’d like to see fixed, leave a comment!

  • Property Editor defaults to showing the “View” tab instead of “Data”, but I use “Data” far more frequently.Fix for this merged 16 April
  • “Combo View”‘s model tree…
    • Lets me highlight some things, but not others.
  • Modality in Sketcher – this probably deserves it’s own post.
  • In the 3D views, when shortcut keys and mouse buttons are pressed that will change mouse behaviour (eg to rotate/zoom/translate), the cursor doesn’t change until the mouse actually moves.

Cost: Ongoing

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