Modality in Sketcher

This applies other places in FreeCAD, but the main place I run into problems with modality is in Sketcher. What is modality? In this context, when I am editing a Sketch, there’s a bunch of regular GUI stuff that I’m suddenly unable to do, sometimes with good reason (but often not), because I’m in “edit mode”. For instance, I just inadvertently minimised FreeCAD while Sketcher was in edit mode, and was then unable to close FreeCAD – it won’t save/exit, or un-minimise on Mac, while in this silly mode!

GUI-wise, modes are bad. Especially bad when there aren’t good affordances for returning to normal. So, this TODO is about re-working Sketcher to be more user friendly in terms of it’s “edit mode”.

Cost: 1/2 cup of tea

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