… = 4?

Also known as the Pareto Principal, the “80/20 rule” is something that detail-oriented people like me need to keep in mind. It applies very well to software development, one example being a quick bit of code last night that’s now in the latest-and-greatest FreeCAD development source:

rendering issue popup

I dig the idea of wiki links in error messages, by the way

To “fix” 80% of the problem that causes the 3D view popping up in the Drawing here, I’m working on a 2-part solution, which should hopefully be far less than 20% of the effort of the proper solution. The first part was to make a little popup, only on Macs, whenever the customer starts using MDI style windows. I don’t think that adding popups is generally the best solution, but in this case the proper solution would involve a large amount of time/effort – essentially adapting both FreeCAD and a large external library to use Qt5. The warning seems to strike a reasonable balance, so I went ahead and submitted that part last night.

The second part applies only to the development version of Drawing, I think. Stay tuned!

Cost: Probably 2 cups of tea, though I wasn’t keeping close track

On a tangent, another example of the 80/20 rule in my [funky, new-to-me] house from this morning – the clothes washer and dryer weren’t meant to go together as a vertical pair, so there used to be a problem with holding the washer door open. Not anymore!

Dryer fixDryer fix-2

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