Summary: Day 6

Saturday mornings in Dunedin bring the farmer’s market, which is a great way to get tasty food (including, oddly enough, the best bagels in New Zealand) and catch up with local friends. After a relatively quick trip to the farmer’s market, I had a few errands to take care of which were mostly unrelated to this project, but did include a stop at a thrift store to invest $2NZD!


The mouse has helped a bit with productivity – it’s certainly nicer for development and for driving FreeCAD than the touchpad on my laptop. This got me to thinking about how often different input devices are actually used for FreeCAD, or just 3D CAD in general. Specifically, I wonder how common it is for people to use just the trackpad on a laptop, or a 3D “spaceball” type mouse?

In terms of actual development work, the day was largely devoted to getting started on the Drawing module as discussed on Drawing Workbench – Initial Thoughts, and a couple tangentially-related tasks. There was also a bit of time following up on the forum, maintaining the blog, etc.

One of the tangentially-related tasks deserve a brief mention. From a developer’s perspective, I find source code documentation to be very important. Especially when starting out with a project, finding the bit of code that provides a specific functionality can be a daunting task without a nice way to browse through source. Something like doxygen goes a long way towards providing a nice interface into the source code, so I spent some time on fixing up the doxygen setup in FreeCAD.

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