Summary: Day 11 (and 8, 9, 10)

Days 8 to 10 were spent either driving to/from, or traipsing around in, Fiordland :). That said, I did submit the OS X build improvements last night, as they got tested while I was out. Today has involved some external distractions, but some progress nonetheless.

First thing today, I spent some time looking through the forum, and simultaneously banging my head against the wall trying to get gdb working properly on my computer, no dice. I kept thinking I was just missing some simple option or setting, but couldn’t figure it out and switched to lldb. Turns out that was a bit easier than I expected, including the end goal of using qtinspector.

Then, I convinced myself that it’s not worth the effort for me to make a workaround for the Qt4 rendering issue. Another developer is working on a different viewing method that should get around needing multiple OpenGL widgets open at the same time, and the only other complete solution would involve some significant work in switching FreeCAD to use Qt5. I’ve got a solution that’s good enough for me to work on Drawing in the meantime; it’s pretty hacky but better than rearranging MDI windows every time I want to launch FreeCAD to test something.

The remainder of my day has involved wrapping my head around the guts of the new Drawing module. It’s somewhat tricky, in that there are several coordinate systems involved and a couple quite different interfaces to facilitate driving FreeCAD through Python or the GUI.

I think I’ve figured out what’s causing the space between sections of orthographic views to change when scaling is changed, and know where to look for a couple other little bugs that I’ve noticed, so hopefully will be able to actually fix something tomorrow!

One thought on “Summary: Day 11 (and 8, 9, 10)

  1. lukeparry22

    wrt coordinate system, during the projection of the faces/lines, an inverse y-transformation is also applied. Also note that with QGraphicsView the y-coordinate system is also different from the convention with Y-pointing downwards (same as SVG). There was a discussion on this with the forums at one point and in the end we tried to remain consistent with traditional drawing and have the Y pointing upwards so (0,0) should be in the bottom left if I remember rightly.



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