Startup Weekend

My last few days have been devoted to a Startup Weekend event here in Dunedin, where I went for networking and to learn about starting a company in New Zealand. It was an interesting event, though if I were to do it again, I’d do it a bit differently.

The event is, to a degree, a competition where teams compete to create the best startup as judged by a panel. Judging criteria are set out early-on, with a third being based on having a good product model by the demo at the end of the weekend. My mistake (well, one of them) was to stay largely focused on producing a working demo in the allowed time, at the expense of networking. In the end, we didn’t even get to show the demo to the judges.

Oh well. I intend to get back into FreeCAD work for the next few days as I get caught up on sleep, so hopefully will have some more posts here or more importantly some improvements to the Drawing module.

As for this experiment, I’ve cancelled the premium wordpress account that allows me to update the info on the right, but I do intend to put a few more days in to FreeCAD fulltime to fill out the two working weeks discussed earlier. We’ll see how it goes.

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