Several days in summary :)

This week has been a bit more scattered than I anticipated, but in a mostly good way.

We’ve had holidays, the Startup Weekend and some follow-on stuff. There have been some local “maker” events (including a look at a proposed move of the Dunedin Makerspace to very near my house!), some job search stuff, some mucking around with the car, etc.

But, all is not quiet on the FreeCAD front! Today I had a few hours to tinker with the Drawing module. Part of that was just a matter of cleaning up some old code in Drawing and cleaning up my development environment, and another part was actually ticking some items off my mental TO-DO list.

My main accomplishment was to fix the GUI around the widgets that set scales in orthographic views. It used to be really clunky to change from Automatic to a particular manual scale, for instance, and now it’s just a matter of entering the manual scale you want. The Small Thing ™ that took forever was to make the scale numerator and denominator, the A:B boxes, update their values to match whatever the automatically picked scale was…

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 10.20.15 pm

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