9 thoughts on “Isometric Projections

  1. ickby

    looks nice! I would like to have all views in one tool, IMHO this is convienent: when one wants to change the projections for a part chances are very high one want to change orthographic and isometric ones alike, having two different tools for this would require alot of task switching and would be annoying!

    do you know the current orthographic task dialog? I find the layout of the view switches very convienient there, makes it way easier to spot which button gives which view.


  2. Luke Parry

    Excellent work! I wouldn’t have thought that it was scaled from wrong origin, but it makes sense (previous post).

    Yes it makes sense to have the isometric/dimetric projections in the same tool and is what is done in commerical CAD from what I have used.

    What’s the price for a bottle of beer in NZ? I think you have earnt a few 🙂


  3. ianrrees Post author

    Thanks for the input guys! I agree entirely that the projections should be in the same tool, where my conflict comes in is how this all fits into the hierarchal model.

    For instance, my inclination is to make the position of the isometric views be independent from the orthographic view anchor. But then, what’s the best approach for scale – do the isometric views have separate scale settings from the orthographic ones?

    I’ll get things a little more buttoned-up and push to github so you can have a look.


  4. ickby

    I will definitly have a look and test it. Could you incorporate wanderefans latest changes? Or make a pullrequest of your latest changes to his repo? Would be nice to test a version with both updates included.


    1. ianrrees Post author

      Yep, I’m currently working on a post here (hence the quick reply 😉 ), but am getting a version ready which will have wandererfan’s changes incorporated too. Not sure it’ll be done today, I’ve got a feature about halfway implemented at the moment.


  5. ianrrees Post author

    OK, I’ve pushed the current working version of Drawing with isometric views to https://github.com/ianrrees/FreeCAD_tinkering/tree/Drawing-dev-isometric . There are several things that aren’t done yet, but I don’t think any of them should hurt basic functionality too much (except that the matrix used for changing the “Front” isn’t stored as a Property, which makes things behave strangely on modifying a drawing after opening a file) – no crashes expected, so definitely let me know if you encounter any.


  6. ickby

    I started testing your branch and thought I write all observations down. I suppose most is already known, but just in case that I hit something new. First: cool! I really like this!

    1. select the right (or left or top…) view so that it turns completely blue. than move the front view. You will notice the wrong movement of the selected view
    2. update regions are wrong: seems that only the areas in the dotted veiw frame get updated, if the text below the view goes outside the view frame this becomes a problem, you see remaining artefacts while moving. this also happens a lot when repositioning dimensions
    3. when adding dimensions to one view the frame of this view updates not correctly
    4. the dimensions get somehow misaligned, they shift on the pages y axis downwards for some reason
    5. if you change from first to third angle the positions of left and right views etc change, but not the isometric views. I’m not sure if they should, but may be an
    6. for the A4 template it seems mpossible to make the dimension font small enough, you would go to size 4 or lower to get something reasonable, but than the font looks realy weird. Also 4 is small… normal size for A4 writing is 12, but this is realy hughe in the drawing workbench compared to text tools like word
    possible enhancements
    1. the isometrics should imho be aligned too. Best it to anchor them to the orthographic projections, for example the FrontTopRight would be anchored to the Top view top:top, and the FrontTopRight would be anchored to the right view right:right. This would give always a nice projection grid.
    2.Selecting the view for draging should work on the whole view area, not only the dotted frame. So only omit the areas where you can select the lines/dotes etc.
    3. Possibly add spinboxes for the scale selector, this would allow change the value with the mouse wheel

    Thanks for all your work, I hope you feel more encourage from the feedback as discouraged from the bugs, as this is my intention 🙂

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