Apologies for the gap in posts here. I’ve been busy with a number of things, both related to FreeCAD and not.

Next week, my friend and former colleague Dag and I will be giving a talk in Madison, Wisconsin, about our winter at the South Pole. So we’ve been getting prepared for that, which involves a lot of digging through photos, thinking about what was interesting to learn about wintering for the first time, and a pile of logistics. I’m originally from the US, so will also be take the opportunity to visit with some family for a few days after the talk. Also been busy with job search, fixing some things around the house, and of course my “weekend”.

In terms of FreeCAD:

  • Re-worked the isometric drawing movement constraint – simpler solution works a lot better.
  • Updated software on my computer
  • Some more work on the PropertyEnumeration refactoring – that’s about ready to merge now
  • Started working on changing the text strings in templates, for instance in the title block

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