Back home, and wrapping up the experiment

I’ve been back in Dunedin for a few days now from a trip to the US. The talk went well, and it was great to catch up with friends and family in the states, but I’m also glad to be home!

Aside from catching up on sleep and chores over the last couple days, I’ve been kept somewhat busy with arrangements to start a new job next week. The new role involves software work with a local tech company (which also makes hardware, so may get into that), and I’m quite excited to get started.

The premise of this experiment was to try to fill a gap between jobs, so I suppose the onset of this job marks the end of the experiment. I think this project has clearly demonstrated that it is possible to be supported by the OSS community in exchange for work on an OSS project.

Of course, I’ve still got several irons in the fire with FreeCAD, so my plan is to keep working on it as time allows. I’ll likely post here again with updates, but expect the pace to be more like it has been in the last couple weeks, rather than toward the beginning of this project ;).

Speaking of… My work on FreeCAD over the last few days has been pretty slow, obviously, but I have been trying to follow the forum, get some minor fixes ready to go, and tinkering a bit with the Drawing module. My main project yesterday (aside from getting caught up and remembering what I was doing…) was to fix an annoying little bug where newly-added views within a Drawing would move slightly after being added initially. It was just a small thing (and a one-liner fix in the end), but it struck me how much nicer the creation of a drawing was after that fix. There’s still a lot to do in the Drawing module, but it seems to be on the home stretch now.

To close this post, I’d just like to send a big “Thank you!” to everyone who contributed to this experiment, especially Aleph Objects, you’re all great!

2 thoughts on “Back home, and wrapping up the experiment

  1. Mike

    I noticed your last entry was in May 2015. What was the result of exploring community funding for your work. I very much believe that FreeCad is an important project because it facilitates innovation that ultimately raises the global standard of living.


    1. ianrrees Post author

      Hi Mike! It’s tough to summarise the result of the experiment, but I think it’s safe to say that one could generate a modest income as an independent open source developer if enough time is spent on advertising. I’ve ended up with a normal 9-5 type job, but still do a bit of work on FreeCAD now-and-then, in fact that’s exactly what I was doing when I noticed your comment here.

      Totally agree that FreeCAD is an important project for much the same reasons as you.



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