I am doing an experiment in the economics of open source software development, and you are now participating.

The idea here is that I’m going to treat open source software development like it’s my job, blog about it here, and see if I can live off the money earned through donations to the cause.

My motivation is simple – I’m “between jobs” and want to support FreeCAD.

Previously, I had a contract position working in Antarctica, you can read about that at weaknuclearforce.wordpress.com . Next, I have a few interesting prospects, but they’re unlikely to materialise for another month or two. In the meantime, I’d like to earn a modest income to keep from draining the savings account too much. Helping out a good cause by working on open source projects seems more fun to me than washing dishes, which brings us to the question:

Will the community support me as an open source developer?

Cost: 1/2 cup tea

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